NICK MONACELLI IS LIVE DOWNTOWN WITH A PREVIEW. Nick: GOOD MORNING. WE'RE LIVE INSIDE THE VIETNAM VETERAN HALL CHAPTER 9. KAKE News tried to contact administrators at Victoria Falls several times in the past few weeks to show them the video and get their reaction. Calls were never returned. Then late Monday, the owner issued a statement, which in part, said when they were notified of alleged incidents in March, and they ralph lauren outlet uk immediately took action to terminate one employee.

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So what were the three issues on which they distinguished themselves, by either outright rejecting the proposition, or being more than 10 points away from the state result? Richard WhittakerDifferent: If Travis voters had their way, this burberry outlet measure widely seen as a way for indicted officials to pick and choose where they get prosecuted would have been rejected. Considering how Collin County prosecutors have taken Attorney General Ken Paxton to task, those worries may be ill founded.Prop 4: Allowing professional sports team charitable foundations to run rafflesStatewide: 69% for, 31% againstTravis County: 58% for, 42% againstDifferent: The measure that passed by air max pas cher the lowest percentage, as voters wondered why franchises don't just give their foundations more cash. However, Travis voters were much more vociferous in their opposition.Prop 5: Increasing the number of counties building private roadsStatewide: 83% for, 17% againstTravis County: 80% for, 20% againstSame: A three point gap for a measure that most people didn't understand anyway.Prop 6: Constitutional right to huntStatewide: 81% wholesale michael kors for, 19% againstTravis County: 61% for, 39% againstDifferent: The second biggest gap a 20 point variance on a measure that no one, barring gun rights paranoiacs, saw as pressing.Prop 7: Dedicated taxes for state highway fundStatewide: 83% for, 17% againstTravis County: 74% for, 26% againstSame: Concerns about handcuffing some sales tax to road construction in perpetuity were outweighed by traffic jam blues.. chm4.11

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