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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas Every day students in Texas public schools pledge allegiance to the flags of the United States and Texas.But when a teacher in a Rio Grande Valley high school assigned students to stand and pledge allegiance to the Mexican flag and sing Mexico's louboutin pas cher homme national anthem, one student refused.The resulting controversy has one East Texas lawmaker wanting changes in the state's curriculum on how culture and patriotism are taught in schools.15 year old Brenda Brinsdon entered her sophomore year at McAllen ISD's Achieve Early College High School just wanting to do well in her classes.But in mid September she got an unexpected lesson on personal conviction and taking on the system.I feel that I did what's right, Brinsdon said. And I know what I did what's right [.] cheap nike air max 90 I'm going to stand my ground.Brinsdon said she stood her ground by staying seated when first year Spanish 3 teacher Reyna Santos assigned her class to stand and recite Mexico's pledge of allegiance.Students stood with right arms straight out and palms down, which is how the school district says Mexicans say their pledge.Calling the lesson un American, Brinsdon recorded the class, which occurred the week of Mexico's Independence Day and also the 10th anniversary of 9/11.The teacher also told students to memorize cheap pandora charms and recite the the pledge individually.And when the time came for the part of the assignment to sing Mexico's national anthem, Brinsdon again refused.With that, Santos asked the class to stand and led the class in the anthem.I told her, I was like, 'I thought this was a Spanish class,' Brinsdon recalled. And she's like, 'Well, yeah it is, it's like, it's a cultural thing.' And so I was the only one that sat down.She was given an alternate assignment.Brinsdon's father, William, backs his daughter. chm4.14

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